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Remove the Multi-Boot Option on startup.
When more than one instance of XP (or other Microsoft operating systems) is or were installed, you'll receive a boot menu when you start the computer. If you don't need this choice anymore you can change it as shown below.

There is a text file on your computer called boot.ini that contains the information about your installed operating systems, which is usually in "C:\" or C:\boot.ini. Right click it and open it with Notepad or another text editor.

You'll see a line there for each operating system you have installed. You can delete the line for the old instance of XP to eliminate this menu choice. However, it's very important that you delete the correct line.
Then "Save" and re-boot. No more OS selections will appear.

This is very simple to do however if you remove the wrong data your in big trouble.
Make a backup of the original file just in case.

For detailed instructions on editing the boot.ini file, see KB article 289022 at:

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