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What is DSO Exploit?
If you use Spybot Search and Destroy or another spyware removal tool, it may find an item called DSO Exploit. This exploit is a bug in Internet Explorer that under certain circumstances would allow untrusted software to run on the computer. Its a hole in Internet Explorer that hackers could use to gain access to your system.
However, if you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer and have all your Windows Updates installed, the bug has been patched and is not a threat to your computer system. Even though Spybot may still show it as a threat.
How do I Remove DSO Exploit?
If you have the latest Internet Explorer version and all your Windows Updates, you can safely ignore the DSO Exploit as a potential problem when Spybot Search and Destroy or other spyware removal tools discover it. However if you would rather fix the exploit so it does not show up again, go here to learn how.  www.pchell.com/support/dsoexploit.shtml

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