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Offsite backup to store files or pictures online for easy access from anywhere. You can even open a free generic account and let others view or access the files. This opens many possibilities such as uploading a file from home and access it from work or anywhere. 
A free program to allow GMail to be used as a Free offsite backup and for File Transfer.

Google is offering free GMail accounts, each with 2 GB of email storage. Some clever programmers around the world have devised ways to use that 2 GB of free storage as if it were just another hard drive on your PC. It's easier than ever before to get a free GMail account, and have your very own backup drive, there whenever you need it. It's also useful if you want to transfer data between your home and work PC, all without floppies or thumb drives.

The first step is to get a Gmail account. As of this date you must be invited by someone that already has gmail.

Then after you have a GMail account and password, it's time to set up the GMail drive. Download the GMail drive shell extension program from Softpedia, or directly from the author of the program.

Save the file to your desktop, and unzip (uncompress) the contents. Inside, you will find a file called Setup. Launch that file, and the GMail Drive shell extension will install itself onto your PC.

The final step is to configure the GMail Drive. Open the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Inside, you will see an icon for GMail Drive. Right-click on it and choose Login As... Type your username and password. Then check the box that says "Auto-login". Next, click the "More" button and check the box that says "Use Secure HTTP". Choose OK.

Your GMail Drive is now ready for use! You can save your files to it, or copy files to it, just as you would with any other drive on your PC. Install GMail Drive on your home and work PCs, and you'll have a way to easily transfer files between the two sites.

It's a great place to backup documents or photos. You can even get yourself a generic GMail account to share files with friends and family!



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