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Change File Attributes:
You have a folder that when you try to save files to it, you get an error message saying it's Read-only. Folder properties will not let you uncheck Read-only.
Some folders are used for system folders and you can rename, delete, etc. a folder even though it's Read-only. Some application programs aren't able to save files in a folder that's marked Read-only.
Use the command line to change the Read-only attribute. At the command prompt, type attrib -r followed by the folder path and name. For example, to remove the Read-only attribute from a folder named MyFolder that's in the root of the c: drive, type: attrib -r c:\MyFolder
Some programs will also refuse to save files in a folder that has the system attribute set, so if your folder is also marked as a system folder and you want to change that, you can do it in the same way, using the command attrib -s followed by the folder path/name (attrib -s c:\MyFolder).

Please Note: The Temporary Internet Files are stored in a special sub-directory in your 'Documents and Settings\MyUser\Local Settings' directory called Temporary Internet Files. Because it is not a regular directory, it cannot be read like a regular directory. A regular directory gives all of the information that you would find when you use the DIR command in a command prompt session. In order to keep track of the TIF directory in such a special way, Internet Explorer will create sub-directories with random letter/number combinations to hold this information. An index.dat file keeps track of these sub-directories; then, when you open Temporary Internet Files in Windows Explorer, you'll think it was just one directory. The Recycle Bin works in a similar way. You can delete files out of the folder, but you cannot write to it.


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