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Your Private information may be available to anyone online. It is now a concern for us.
Without your consent or knowledge, your personal information may be readily available to any who would want it. Acxiom is a major U.S. data vendor.

You can request that Acxiom remove your name from their listings by sending an email to OptOut@Acxiom.com or calling 877.774.2094. They’ll mail you an opt-out form to fill out and mail back. But, that still leaves the issue of removing your name from every directory that has purchased your information.

You can try and manually remove yourself from each online directory. The method for each might be different: some might require a phone call, a letter, or e-mail. Following is a list of popular personal directories and their respective opt-out links:

• Google – Google Removal Form

• Yahoo – Yahoo Removal Form

• Whitepages – Whitepages Removal Form

• Lycos – Lycos Removal Form

• AnyWho – AnyWho Removal Form

No guarantees anonymity, but may decrease your visibility online.


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