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Wireless network connection problems. Troubleshooting wireless networks

Interference with the wireless network rather than an problem with the network itself is often the
cause. The most common causes are other Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, some kinds of portable
phones, and microwave ovens. These often operate in roughly the same radio frequency. You can
control them if they are in your home however there's not a lot you can do about what may be going
on in other homes nearby.

It is often suggested to remove the vendor's proprietary wireless access management software and
let Windows manage the connections alone. Windows XP has pretty good wireless connection tools
and they are not hard to use. You can connect automatically only to networks you want.

1) Changing the wireless channel. Most wireless routers arrive setup to use channel #6 by default.
If you use Netstumbler ( http://www.stumbler.net/ )you can see the wireless networks in range and
what channel they are using. If a neighbors are all using channel #6, or the channel
you are currently using, this can wreck havoc on your network.
Try changing your channel. Channel 11 tends to avoid the things in the house that can cause this disturbance.

2) A TV can provide a lot of interference, especially a large screen TV. Move your wireless router
at least several feet from the TV.

3) Do not use hibernate or system standby.

4) Make sure there are no metallic objects of ANY kind near the router.

5) Check DHCP allocations and check if someone else islogging on.

6) Enable encryption in case you have unknown log ons.

7) Try relocating the router to another part of the house.

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