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Make audio CDs from MP3s?

Convert your MP3 music files to play on the car CD player.

You must have Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10 or Vista with Media Player 11 and of course, you'll also need a CD burner.

Open Windows Explorer (right click Start and click Explore) and navigate to the folder on the local machine or on the network that contains your MP3 files.
Select the files you want to put on CD, remembering that .cda files are larger than .mp3 files and you can only get about 74 minutes' worth of music on an audio CD. Hold down CTRL to select multiple files.
Right click the selected files and choose Burn.
Windows Media Player will open to the Burn tab. Note that the files have been added to the Burn List.
Ensure that a blank CD is inserted in your CD burner. Click the Burn Now button.
That's it! Windows will create a CD with your songs saved in CD Audio format, which will play on older CD players that don't support the MP3 format.

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