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Computer Slows Down or seems to just stop. Four possibilities.

1) Windows XP slows down when using Fast User Switching?
When multiple users are logged on to Windows XP, using Fast User Switching, your computer runs slowly? If logged on users have programs running, this is expected behavior. To resolve the issue, use any of the following:
1. Shutdown and restart the computer, which terminates the other users processes.
2. Log of a user:
-Log on with administrator privileges.
-Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and start Task Manager.
-Press Users.
-Select a user and press Logoff.
NOTE: Do not End Task as this can have unexpected results.

2) Windows XP can take up to ten seconds to start an application after installation of the security patch  Microsoft calls the Q811493 hotfix. Advice from online users, suggest home users experiencing system slowdowns remove the patch as corporate environments with terminal servers and client systems accessed by multiple users are most at risk. Microsoft, however, urges all customers to apply the patch and to call the Microsoft help desk if there are any performance issues afterward

3) After Symantec's automatic install of January 5, 2004 "Symantec NetRecon Security Update 12" your computer slows to a crawl or programs just seem to stop. The problem is caused by the 1/5/04 Norton Virus Update that enables the option of Office plug-in. To resolve this, simply open Norton Antivirus -> select Option -> Miscellaneous -> uncheck the box on "Office plug-in". Everything should be back to normal.

4) And of course, A fragmented disk - A virus - A pest or spyware

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