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Port 4567 open on Actiontec Router using Verizon FIOS

After switching to FiOS and testing my ports, I found that port 4567 was open. If you test the
ports, be sure to use a scanner that can scan port numbers in this range, or one that can scan any
single port. I still don't know why the PORT is open but it appears that all FIOS users have this open port on the Actiontec router.

Some Forum Quotes:
The Actiontec Router has a web server running on that particular port. The web server requires you to authenticate with a username and password but it is a different login than the admin account. It is very likely a backdoor into the router either from Actiontec or from Verizon. The port does not show up in any configuration menu and it cannot be blocked, well maybe it can see below. I see it as a security issue since it allows someone to access the router from outside my network. This should never be the case.

Is there a fix for this? Perhaps yes, keep reading but beware that Verizon has a reason to have this port open possibly to access your set top boxes or something else?
Also, another person said "Most likely" this port is open at your computer, but gets intercepted at the ISP level. The probe packets from the online scan never reach your computer. But is this

The port is on the router and it can be checked by doing a telnet to the router on 4567. Or simply
type: » in your browser. Also works for the internet facing (WAN) IP address, which you can get from the router status page or with various tools. In any case the router is the one that has a webserver running on port 4567 TCP. You will be challenged for a username and password.
This all comes from the Actiontec router, which has an undocumented server running on that port. See the Verizon FIOS forum and look for this post: "Actiontec Router has port open to world"
http://www.fiosfaq.com/content.php?contentid=79  (Good information here)

One person reported after calling Verizon asking why a Dangerous "known hackers port" was open for some cracker to sniff out.........They gave him the run around telling him not to worry the built in Firewall in the Router will protect you?

Another person said Verizon just could not answer this question.

I don't believe that Verizon support can help with this. They can't help with router configuration
other than telling you to "Press the reset button...' for default settings. Their training doesn't
seem to include any help with router configuration.

To fix this issue and block the port use the steps offered here.

Ok, so I sent off a short email to Actiontec. Their reply was good and very fast however it also raised more questions.
You wrote to Actiontec:
What is the reason port 4567 is open to the world, and how can we close it?
I have read that several other people are also asking this question on forums.
Thank You for any help with this.

The reply from Actiontec:
Its really not open to the "world", its connected to a secure server maintained by VERIZON to automatically upgrade your routers firmware when its connected to the FIOS network. The MOTIVE server requires a connection on port 4567 to constantly monitor your routers firmware and check for upgrades.  To my knowledge it cannot be exploited, but I honestly have not tested it having no access directly to the FIOS network to try.

Ok, sounds good but then why just after we received FIOS did Verizon tech support tell me to check the firmware version and update if needed doing so through the routers setup page? Also constantly monitoring your routers firmware seems a bit much unless there is more to it than we know.
Come on Verizon let your customers know more about this open port.

Reply from a reader:
I've tried to block this port with modifying the rules in the modem's (not only fios but DSL modems too) firewall.
The firmware shipped with Verizon's CPE does not allow port 4567 to be blocked period. My suspicion is the patriot act has forced big carriers like Verizon to let the Feds (whenever they want) tap your line (data or voice) and eavesdrop for any criminal activity.

The above link is a glimpse of what the NSA, FBI and other agencies are demanding. This and other reading has led me to believe that is the reason 4567 is left open.

If anyone out there has further good information about this,
please email NJhosting  @  gmail.com  (remove spaces)


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