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Undelete pictures on your camera for Free

If you've deleted a picture or a bunch of pictures on your camera, do nothing else with the camera.
Don't take any more pictures. Don't try to use the camera's built-in menu. Don't reformat the hard drive.

1) Download and install PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5

2) If you have a card reader attached to your PC, take the affected memory card out of your camera, flip the write-protect "lock" tab so nothing can be written to the card, and put it in the card reader. If you don't have a card reader, attach the camera to your PC with the appropriate cable. In either case, if Windows pops up and offers to do something for you (such as copying the files into your PC), click the X button to close the AutoPlay dialog box.

3) Click Start, Programs (in Vista, it's All Programs), PC Inspector Smart Recovery. You get the PC Inspector Smart Recovery main dialog box.

4) In the left pane, choose the drive that contains your camera's memory card, or choose the camera itself. This can be a bit challenging because PC Inspector doesn't give you many details about the drives. But you can use Windows Explorer to find the correct drive letter.

5) In the middle pane, choose the type of file you want to recover. Chances are it's a .jpg.

6) In the right pane, navigate to a place where you would like to store the reconstituted files.

7) Click Start. This will take a while, but you can watch the program's progress by looking at the folder that's being filled with recovered photos.

8) When it's done, click the X button to get out of the program, flip the "lock" write protection tab back to its normal position, and put the card back in your camera.

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