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Get rid of Thumbs.db files.

You can usually find "thumbs.db" files in many of your folders and if you delete it, it comes right back? The reason you have this file in so many folders is that is how Windows indexes picture "thumbnails" to speed up the display process. If you don't care about saving time for Windows to generate thumbnails or never use that view anyway, you can tell Windows not to bother:
1) Open My Computer
2) Click on Tools
3) Click on Folder Options
4) Click on the View Tab
5) Place a check in the option "Do not cache thumbnails"
6) Click Ok

Also: If you want to get rid of all of the thumbs.db files that have accumulated on you system, do the following:
1) Click on Start
2) Click on Search
3) Click on All Files and Folders
4) Type "thumbs.db" in the "all or part of the file name" section
5) In the Look in box, make sure "Local Hard Drives" is chosen
6) Click Search
7) A long list of thumbs.db files should appear, click on Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A)
8) Press the Delete key
9) Close the Search Results window


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