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USB drive shows full when it's not.

You may get a "Disk full" message even if plenty of space is left.
This is caused by adding too many small files to a USB drive.
USB drives are formatted using the FAT file system, and their root directory has a
fixed number of directory entries.
If you fill up the root directory you can't add any more files.
This can happen if the small files have long names. Every file has to have a
directory entry, and those with long filenames take more than one entry.

To solve this problem,
Move a few files out of the root directory, so the root directory is no longer full.
Create a subdirectory and give it any name you like. Now copy all the rest of your
files into the subdirectory. Unlike the root directory, a subdirectory will expand as
needed, so you won't get a "Disk full" error until the USB drive is really, truly

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