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Microsoft Security Essentials free antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows
This is a NEW, FREE, Top rated Anti Virus from Microsoft.

Thousands of downloads. Countless positive reviews on software blogs around the Internet. It's been quite a ride for Microsoft Security Essentials.

In AV Comparative's most recent report on malware removal, MSE was the only free antivirus rated Advanced+. That ranking placed it alongside big names like Norton, Kaspersky, and F-Secure. Security Essentials also beat out technician favorite ESET, which managed only an Advanced rating.

Not only has Security Essentials beaten free competitors like AVG (version 8.5 tested, not 9.0), Avira, and Avast, it also posted test scores equal to or better than a dozen antivirus programs you'd have to pay for.

The free download is certified as Windows 7 compatible and is kept up-to-date via Windows Update just like the OS, meaning that users will have one less piece of software they have to worry about updating. Security Essentials offers basic protection without having as severe an impact on your PC's performance as do more complex (and expensive) suites like those from Symantec, McAfee, or Kaspersky.

Note: Before you use this be sure to Uninstall your current AV first.

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