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Space-hogs on your system: System Restore and the Recycle Bin.
The two worst space-hogs on your system: System Restore and the Recycle Bin. For example, on its own, the Recycle Bin will take 10% of your hard drive space, an insane waste of space on today's huge drives. The Recycle Bin should be sized to hold either the largest files you're likely to have on your system; or a typical day's worth of deletions; or some other rational amount. Start with the Bin sized at just 2%-3% of the hard drive total, and adjust up or down from there after several day's operation, if necessary. You can adjust the Recycle Bin's size by right clicking on its icon, and selecting Properties.
Similarly, System Restore will consume huge amounts of disk space, if you let it. The space might be worthwhile if System Restore were a truly complete and foolproof form of backup, but it's not. At best, System Restore can and will get the core operating system running again after a bad crash, but it doesn't return all files to the pre-trouble state, and it can't remove all traces of a program that went bad. As a result, System Restore's usefulness is limited, and so should be its appetite for disk space:
Right click on My Computer, select Properties, and select the System Restore tab. Select your main drive (usually C:), click Settings, and move the slider to reserve a reasonable amount of disk space.
If you have more than one drive, you may wish to turn off System Restore entirely for non-system drives. There's little, if any, benefit to be gained by having them monitored. And if you're really religious about making a full backup before you alter your system or install new software, you may wish to completely turn off System Restore for all drives.

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