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How to Allow All Users Access to an Installed Program
You've installed a program onto your Windows XP computer and it works great for you. The problem is that when other users log onto the same computer, they can't find the program in their Start menu! Some programs aren't aware of a "multi-user" environment and they don't install shortcuts for all users to use. You'll have to create the shortcuts for them. Here's how:
Log on as the user who installed the program.
Right click on the Start button and click the Open command.
A window opens that shows the Programs folder. Click the Folders button in the button bar. This displays the folder tree in the left side of the window. In the left pane, expand the Programs folder. Find the folder for the program that you installed, then right click on it and click the Copy command. Now find the All Users folder and expand that folder. Expand the Start Menu folder that sits below the All Users folder. Right click on the Programs folder that appears under the Start Menu folder and click Paste. You should now see the folder under the Programs folder. When other users log on they'll now see the program in their Start menus.

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