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Forgot my password in Windows XP
The purpose of the password in Windows is to provide a blanket of security, which is very important for corporate network users, but ends up being a nuisance for most home users.
Corporate grade (Windows 2000, XP B requires a successful login to access anything).
Password can be case sensitive. Your path to recovery may be a little more complicated depending upon which account= you forgot the password on.
Windows XP requires you to create an account for each user, with the primary account being the administrator= account. If you forgot the password for a user account other than the administrator, you can simply log in as the administrator to change or remove the password for any user on the system. The administrator account was created during the initial installation and can be manually accessed by pressing Ctrl Alt Del twice at the login or Welcome= screen.
If you forgot the password for the administrator account, your complication level just went higher. Unless you created another user that had administrator rights or created a password reset disk= (more on this later) for the administrator account, your choices are to wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything (ouch!) or purchase a third party program that resets the administrator password.
There are several programs you can purchase via the Internet that can reset the administrator account that range in price from $70 to $400 dollars. They can be found at sites such as www.sunbelt software.com, www.accessdata.com and www.winternals.com.

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