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Add/Remove hidden programs in Windows XP and 2000
Problem. Some programs you don't want are taking up space and are hidden away.
They're do not display in the add/remove files and are next to impossible to find, much less remove. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\inf
Open the sysoc.inf file in Notepad or another plain text editor. If you can't find the inf directory, it's probably hidden. Unhide it. Click Tools and choose Folder Options. Under View, enable Show Hidden Files & Folders.
In sysoc.inf, look for the section called "components" in XP or "old base components" in 2000. You'll see a component name, followed by an equals sign, followed by a list of parameters separated by commas.
The deal: the "HIDE" between the two last commas indicates a hidden component.
Remove "HIDE" to unhide the component.
For example: Games=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,games.inf,HIDE,7
Change too: Games=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,games.inf,,7
Do not remove the extra ","
Make changes and save the file.
Reopen the Windows Component Wizard to see modified Add/Remove options!

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