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Creating, deleting, or changing a user account
Only administrators may create or delete user accounts. Sorry.
To create, change, or delete a user account, click the Start button, choose the Control Panel, and select User Accounts. A window pops up, as shown in Figure 1, that's seen only by administrators. Here's a rundown on the different tasks available:

* Change an Account: The most encompassing of the options, this lets you change an account's name, picture, password, or type. (You can upgrade a user's account to administrator if you're tired of handling the computer by yourself, for instance.) Click here to delete an account, as well.

* Create a New Account: Click here to create accounts for other computer users. You choose a name and whether the user is to have an administrator or limited account.

* Change the Way Users Log On and Off: This one's a little more complicated, because it brings up two options, described here:

* Use the Welcome Screen: Normally, people log on by clicking their names on the Welcome screen. Removing the check mark in this box turns off the Welcome screen. Then, people must type their name and password into little boxes in order to log on. This method is more secure without the Welcome screen, nobody can tell which people have accounts on the computer. Turning off the Welcome screen also turns off Fast User Switching, described next.

* Use Fast User Switching: Windows XP lets users switch back and forth quickly and easily. When they switch back on, their open programs are just the way they left them. Removing the check mark in this box turns off the Fast User Switching for all users. Instead, they must log off, saving their work in the process, before another user may log on.

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