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System Restore
Open System Restore "Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore"
and click next to the Create a Restore Point option. Windows examines itself and takes a snapshot of its settings. Then, if something awful happens a few days later, you have an out: Head back to the System Restore area and choose Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time. Choose a restore point you saved back when everything was just ducky, and, after Windows restores your pre disaster settings, your computer will perform swimmingly.
There are a few problems with System Restore, as with anything. When System Restore brings back your earlier, faithful Windows setup, it will most likely leave out any of the programs you've installed since then. You have to reinstall them. Because Windows automatically creates a restore point every day, don't choose a spot further back in time than necessary.
System Restore won't touch any files you've stored in the My Documents folder. It swears it won't touch any of your other data files, either. But to be on the safe side, keep your most savored data in the My Documents folder.
If you use System Restore, use it often. Use it both before and after installing any new program, for instance, or when making any major tweaks to your system settings. That way, System Restore can bring up a reasonably current version of your work.
If you goof and restore something that made your computer function worse than ever, undo the restoration. Call up System Restore and choose Undo My Last Restoration. In fact, don't be afraid to try several restore points when something goes wrong. You can always undo them and try a different one.
Finally, System Restore consumes 12 percent of your hard drive space. To shrink or enlarge that chunk, right click on My Computer from the Start button, choose Properties, and use the sliding control on the System Restore tab.

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