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Test your browser's most essential functions. Are they working properly.

Browser Test

A ton of information right at your fingertips, letting you examine any page or site with any or all of 107 different site identification/analysis/translate/etc. tools, some of which I'd never even heard of. It's worth a look. www.faganfinder.com/urlinfo

Gibson Research

The Internet's quickest, most popular, reliable and trusted, free Internet security checkup and information service. Easily check your system here, and begin learning about using the Internet safely.
Ensure that your PC's personal firewall can not be easily fooled by malicious "Trojan" programs or viruses. Thanks to this first version of LeakTest, most personal firewalls are now safe from such simple exploitation.
The Classic DoS Attack Report  
This is the classic report of the May 2001 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks launched against GRC.COM by the malicious 13-year old going by the name "Wicked."

Bandwidth tests, tweaks and more:

http://www.testmyspeed.com/ (Supposed to be very accurate)






*To help keep your computer running the way it should
we recommend using the commercial programs shown below

*** Repair XP Pro - (Great program) The most comprehensive system repair tool on the market.

* KeyLogPro - Want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away?

100's of Very Good Assorted Free computer programs.

How to locate people, do a background check, search the invisible web